GALLERY: Emmanuel Littlejohn

DPIC Executive Director Robert Dunham interviews Karen Gottlieb (pictured), the Co-Director of the Florida Center for Capital Representation at Florida International University, about the U.S. and Florida Supreme Court decisions striking down Florida’s death-sentencing statute and how the decisions have been interpreted to apply to only half of the nearly 400 prisoners who were unconstitutionally sentenced to death under the old law.

L ate one spring night in 1984, the doorbell rang at the home of Norman and Mary Jane Stout. The Stouts, married thirty years, with three grown kids, lived in Guernsey County, Ohio, about a hundred yards off Interstate 70. Norman was a heavy-equipment operator; Mary Jane, who once worked as an office manager, was a collector of Holly Hobbie plates and figurines. They were at the kitchen table, paying bills. Norman opened the door to find two men, who looked to be in their mid-twenties. They said that their car had broken down on the highway and asked to use the telephone.

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