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What is the Q angle and how does it contribute to women's sports injury risks? As a woman, there are biomechanical differences that result in a greater risk of some sports injuries than a man faces. The wider pelvis that women have compared to men makes it easier to give birth, but it is a difference with consequences when playing sports. Many sports medicine experts have linked a wider pelvis to a larger "Q" (Quadriceps) Angle - the angle at which the femur (upper leg bone) meets the tibia (lower leg bone).

Some of the suggested reasons women have more ACL injuries are that they have a narrower femoral notch; increased Q angle; increased ligament laxity; inadequate strength; and impaired neuromuscular coordination. Other factors to consider are the technique and skill of the player; improper shoe wear; and the type of playing surface. These all may contribute to incidents of injuries to female athletes.

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